Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Acting Newsletter January 2012

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to read what exciting things the first month of the new year 2012 had in store for me.

The New Year started with a BANG when I found out that I made it on IMDb's list of the 2012 Upcoming Rising Child Stars :

Next, I finished filming the pilot 'Matchmakers', in which I played the lead role of KYLIE, a free-spirited middle-schooler, in the first half of January, which will hopefully be picked up by Comedy Central. Keeping my fingers crossed!
I was part of an awesome table read for a super-intriguing horror/thriller feature called SOLACE where I read one of the girl roles and part of the narration. Thanks, Maria Olsen (of Paranormal Activity 3) for setting this up so I could be part of it!

SAG, here I come! I was a must-join and joined the Screen Actors Guild on my birthday 1-20. I left their office here in Hollywood skipping all the way back to the car because I felt (and feel) that this is one major milestone in my career.:)

I finished filming my German demo reel, which was directed by German actor Thure Riefenstein, and co-written by his wife, German actress Patricia Lueger.
Ein dickes Dankeschoen auch an Paris, der meinen kleinen Bruder in meinem dt. Showreel spielte! These German reels are with English subtitles and will be up on my US casting sites as well.
They are already up in Europe!
Here is one of the international casting sites in German, which features also my British Accent reel, my piano and Irish Dance skill clips:
More good news for me from a continent away!
1. My great team just got bigger: The German talent agency Das Imperium, located in Berlin, took me on to represent me internationally. So excited!
2. And casting over at the Bavaria Film Studios, located in Munich, took me on as a client and I am on their roster now. Woot! Woot!
3. I got my plane ticket for Germany, where I will meet many interesting people from agencies and casting. Can't wait.
4. I got invited by my Berlin agency to attend client brunches and parties at the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), which will start next week but had to decline because I am going in March! Next year I'll be there for sure though!

Here in LA, I just signed the contract for filming the feature horror/thriller movie 'Live-In Fear', a project that I also joined as associate producer. My scenes as YOUNG MALLORY will be filmed at the latest next month here in LA.
Some non-acting news that are huge too: I got nominated by my teacher for the National Junior Honor Society. Woot! Woot! I am so proud and keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to join.

January has been off to a very exciting start and I am looking forward to some more fun and exciting things in February.
Thanks for stopping by, folks.