Friday, July 31, 2015

**NEWS! NEWS!** "Child of the '70s" has been picked up in Canada and 8 European countries to air in 2016

Hello all!
I am so very excited to announce these amazing news on this last day of July 2015 

Show producer and creator, Michael Vaccaro made it all happen that in 2016 our show will not only be airing in Canada but also in Sweden, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and the Baltic countries.
With Producer and show creator Michael Vaccaro at the premier of Season 3 of "Child of the '70s"
If you want to be part of this very successful project, it is not too late to join! Please read my previous blog entry on how to get involved as a sponsor for product placement throughout Season 4 as well as a financial contributor. 

Fundraising is a vital part of the independent movie industry, so please know that we appreciate your contributions very much and have some awesome perks waiting for you!

* Ever wanted to visit a real Hollywood Set? It's one of our perks!

* How about not just visiting but actually BEING part of the project as a featured extra? It's another one of our perks!

* Or ever wanted to have lunch/dinner with a truly successful Hollywood Actress/Actor who is now part of our amazing project? Ready to claim this amazing perk? Read more here.

You can be here too. Attend our Red carpet premier for Season 4 as one of our fundraiser perks
Hair/make up artists and catering companies who would be willing to donate their services/food in exchange for "Special Thanks" screen credits at the end of each episode are on our "Wanted" list as well.

Please email me with any questions on how to get involved with "Child of the '70s" at

Thanks for your support, folks!

With much appreciation and lots of cheers,