Monday, December 26, 2011

My Acting Year 2011 In Retrospective!

Hello folks! Before 2011 draws to an end, I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone for all the support you have given me throughout the year. Acting is my passion but also a tough business and everything I have accomplished this year I couldn't have done without you. 
Thanks go out to my awesome team over at Bobby Ball Talent Agency: Will, my theatrical agent and Mike, my commercial agent. Also part of  my team is my manager, Dana Randazzo over at Symbiotic Talent and I truly appreciate her tired-less work and dedication. 
Trust me, it feels awesome to have people on your side who truly believe in you!
Thanks Will, Mike and Dana for everything and let's make 2012 an even better year than 2011!
If you want to find out what projects kept me so busy all year - read on;)
Starting with January 2011:
 - I booked the role in a TV Pilot called 'Hall Patrol' produced by FremantleMedia, in which I  played the lead role of 'Ella' , directed by Ross Novie of Rondovie Industries.
On the set of 'Hall Patrol'
February - May 2011: - I worked with director Darren Numer on his theater play 'An American Mansion' at the world famous Hollywood Improv and was invited to be part of the PR stage show there as well to perform my Irish Dance routine 'Riverdance'for Mother's Day 2011.
Worked on stage at The Hollywood Improv
March 2011: - I revived my role of 'Fauna' for some pick-up scenes I shot on March 26, 2011 on location in Bel Air for the film 'Andronicus Wild', which is now in post-production and will be completed by late February 2012.
As 'Fauna' in the project Andronicus Wilde
- I was pinned for a re-occurring role on the daytime soap 'The Young & The Restless." In the end I didn't book it but was honored to be one of the two they had a closer look at;)

April 2011:
- I was invited to join the cast and crew of Matchstick McCoy at The Bungalow Club in Hollywood for a screening of their project and was happy to support and reunite with fellow 'Thrillseeker' Ben Seton who plays a funny role in this film.
This is how real movie stars work the red carpet!
I was invited to join my fellow cast members and crew at the premiere of the project "The Allegiance" at the Folino Theater in Orange, CA on April 9, 2011. The movie will be submitted to various film festivals, so please stay tuned for more exciting info to come.
On stage after the screening for the Q&A session at the Folino theater
I booked a German and English-speaking part in the film 'The Golden Rule', which I filmed at the ATB Studios in Burbank, directed by Anna Mastro. Film is still in post-production at this point.
Getting ready for the next scene of 'The Golden Rule'
May 2011:
I had been invited to attend the Cast & Crew Screening of "10,000 Days" at the Arclight Theater in Sherman Oaks on May 24, 2011. I played Peter Wingfield's Farnwell Clan daughter and was extremely happy and honored to be part of this event. 
With my 'clan-leader' Peter Wingfield
June 2011:
- On 6/5/11 I was invited to attend a Producer and client meeting at ZOIC Studios/ Culver City, work place of my big sister Jessica Amzoll who works there as a visual effects artist on shows like "True Blood". I mingled with industry insiders and their families, met producers and coordinators, made a monster walk in the 3-D program MAYA, demonstrated how a green screen works and watched in disbelief how Jessica gave me fangs to look like a vampire in True Blood! 
'True Blood' fangs. YAY!
I was honored and proud to participate in the annual String Orchestra Concert on 6/7/11 at my middle school where I studied cello. Never believed it that we could sound that good!
 I booked and filmed a national commercial "Coincidence" for the car maker Infiniti this month, which was truly something to celebrate!
National commercial for Infiniti
I was invited to join actor Deep Roy ('Charlie and the Chocolate Factory') at an art show in Santa Monica at the Bergamot Station to support our mutual friend, artist Kelly Lynn Kimball.
With actor Deep Roy at the Bergamot Station
The drama "After The Shearing", in which I played the role of 'Jesse', is still going strong and screened at the Little Big Shots: International Film Festival for Kids in Melbourne, Australia  (Australia's largest international children’s film festival!), June 9th-June13th, 2011. 

September 2011:
I was honored to be among the guests of the NewFilmMakers who gathered at the screening of our project "After The Shearing" at The Sunset Gower Studios in Hollywood on 9/23/2011.
Interview on the red carpet
I am officially one of the Associate Producers on the Indie production called "Live-In Fear", a movie by Brandon Scullion and co-produced by Maria Olsen of "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief"
October 2011:
- I broke a record: I went to 7 auditions/ callbacks within 6 days.

I attended the launch/premiere party for "Starf*ckers" at producer Brian Steele's residence on 10/8/11 together with Neil Hopkins of 'Lost' and Beth Behrs of '2 Broke Girls'. The renowned e-magazine splitsider calls "Starf*ckers" (distributed/ produced by Atomic Wedgie/ Fremantle Media) prophetic addition to the web series universe! Yey - and I am part of it!
At the launch party with Neil Hopkins of 'Lost' fame
- Our director Vanessa Rojas won the award for "Best Emerging Filmmaker" for our project 'After the Shearing' at the Tulsa International Film Festival on 10/2/11. BRAVO Vanessa!
 I booked the lead role of Mary in the independent film "1, 2, Z", which was filmed on location in Orange County. I loved the  fierce and tough battles against zombies and to see my character develop from an innocent school girl into a fearless fighter who saves her friends and town in the end.
- I booked the lead role of Alice in the independent project "Malice", which filmed in the first week of November 2011 north of Los Angeles. Happy to play another strong girl character going from a mischievous, gangly young girl to hero in the end. 
- After the table read for "Live-In Fear" that I joined as an Associate Producer on 10-29-11, director Brandon Scullion and producer Maria Olsen offered me the role of Young Girlplaying the child version of one of the lead characters. Shooting will start in February 2012. Associate Producer AND acting credit in one project! Fantastic!
November 2011:
- Wrapped 3 (!) projects this month: "1, 2, Z", "Malice" and "Brother", the last one being a thesis movie for Chapman University, which will screen next year in April or May.
- Booked and filmed my scenes as Emma in the project 'Brother' in a junkyard in Long Beach. Filming in a junkyard was a first for me;)
Screenshot of me as Emma in the project 'Brother'
December 2011:
- Filmed pick up scenes for my project "Malice" and

- went to do some ADR recordings for the "1, 2, Z" project
- worked on an episode of 'The Office' where I unexpectedly reunited with actor Ed Helms who worked with me on The Hangover a couple of years ago. Fun times indeed even though it rained cats and dogs!
On the set of 'The Office'
- went to a well received screening of our movie "1, 2, Z" in Orange on 12/14/11, a film that will be submitted to various film festivals
Zombie fighters 'Jack', 'George' and 'Mary'
- I joined the fabulous cast and crew for the screening of our project "Malice" in Northridge on 12/16/11. "Malice" is going to be submitted to the film festival at the Comic Con 2012 and I am keeping my fingers crossed.
With director Reyna Calvillo
- Just before the Holidays I got word that I booked the lead in a new webseries called "Matchmaker". Filming will start in the first week of the new year 2012.

Geesh - I guess I have been busy this year.
Thanks for reading it and stay tuned for more exciting acting news to come.

That's all, folks!
Jingles and Cheers,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011



My Home



Thanks for all your support. I couldn't have done it without you!

Many happy Christmas jingles.
~ Charlene

Saturday, December 17, 2011

"MALICE" Screening at the Armer Theater on 12-16-11

I am happy to report that I had the opportunity to attend another fabulous screening of one of my recent projects tonight in Northridge at The Armer Theater.

Meet Alice, the Malice:)

Before the screening, we had time to catch up and take some photos. I had special guests with me tonight, which I gladly introduced to the director, producers, editor, composer and all the other important cast and crew members.
With my "GRANDPA" Paul Marshall and Producer Jackie Cole
With Director Reyna Calvillo
With Composer J Aaron Stanley

DP Stevie 
Sound/Editor Rayne Vasquez who got me a copy of "MALICE"already! YAY!

Thanks to Downie Streahl and Scott Foster Harris who came out tonight to support me! Love you guys!
With Singer Downie Streahl, Rock Musician Scott Foster Harris and my lovely friend Rownok

And of course I love my friend Rownok who was able to attend one of my movie premieres for the first time.

After a little delay, our fabulous cast & crew gathered with other film enthusiasts in the crowded movie theater (they had to bring chairs in to accommodate everyone!) and once our film was up, I was so relieved when the audience clapped and cheered in the end. Another well-done project well received.YAY!
So ready for the screening: with Writer Kelly Jensen and Director Reyna Calvillo

My little actress heart skipped a beat when producer Jackie Cole introduced me to the audience.
Thank you everyone of the MALICE project for making this a fantastic movie-making experience for me.

See you at the Comic-Con 2012;)

Charlie aka Alice the Malice

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"1, 2, Z" Premier Screening at the Folino Theater on 12-14-11

Hi everyone!
I truly hope you had an amazing Wednesday evening just like I did.
I gathered with the cast and crew of our zombie flick '1, 2, Z' in Orange at the Marion Knott Studios in the Folino Theater to watch the highly anticipated final cut of everyone's work on the big screen for the first time.
Noah Swindle "JACK" and me "MARY"

Our film was the first one up in a group of short films selected  for screening that evening.
It is always kind of hard to be the opening act - you set the pace for the evening and if you can't meet expectations..... oh dear!

I admit, I had some butterflies in my stomach when I took my seat next to my fellow cast members but in the end it was all good.
Noah Swindle ("JACK"), Wyatt Griswold ("GEORGE") and me ("MARY")

Actually, better than good.....
The reaction from the audience (yes - it was a full house) was truly amazing....clapping, cheering. And when we stood up to get introduced to the audience it started all over again.
Wonderful experience when your work makes the entire movie theater cheer.

To make a long story short - I am so happy that our film was so well received.

Of course, I was also happy to see director Genna Ford again as well as Noah Swindle who played Jack and Wyatt Griswold who played George.
And very happy to autograph the covers of the "1, 2, Z" script for the director, producers and everyone else who is supposed to get one.
Thank you everyone for letting me be part of this awesome movie experience and I can't wait to see at what film festivals this jewel among zombie movies will play next.

Thanks for stopping by folks!
Over and out,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Just announced! "1, 2, Z" Premiere

I am very excited to join the cast and crew at

the Folino Theater in Orange at 8pm 

for the premiere screening of the awesome

"1, 2, Z" project 

on Wednesday, 12-14-11

at 8 PM

I am ready to watch our fierce and tough battles against the zombies on the big screen. Are you?

We can bring guests! If anyone of you wants to join us - mark your calendars and let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back to the recording studio for the Zombie flick "1, 2, Z"

This evening, I went back to the Marion Knott Studios to spent time with my fellow cast member Noah Swindle (JACK)  to re-record some more scenes for our soon-to-be-released movie "1, 2, Z".
First - Let's fill you in on what this exciting movie is all about. 

When the Zombies get in, can the kids get out? "1, 2, Z" is the story of three kids, Jack, Mary and George, as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. It's the 1950's, and instead of Communism, zombies are the threat looming around the corner. The question now isn't when, but rather where will it happen next? People across the globe have done all they can to prepare, but unfortunately, zombies don't always appear at the most opportune time. Jack, Mary and George are busy enjoying recess when the zombies decide to stage their attack. When their teachers are bitten, and chaos reigns, they're left alone to fight their way through the school to the safety of waiting policemen.
Noah and I had the best time recording our dialog, chat and catch up as well as to discuss the upcoming screening of this production and potential film festival options for this awesome project with director Genna Ford.
Noah, Sound Director, Director Genna Ford, Me
Btw - in  case you wondered.... ADR stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement. Dialog that cannot be used from production tracks of a film or cartoon must be re-recorded in a process called LOOPING or ADR. You may know it as "dubbing."

Can't wait for the screening on the big screen!
Thanks for stopping by ;)

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

MAKE SOME NOISE for " 1, 2 , Z "

Today was the day to do some ADR recordings for "1, 2, Z" at the state-of-the art Marion Knott Studios in Orange.

Before the recording session I took a look at the set-up of the sound-stage and loved the different flooring as well as the props on the shelves they can use for making all these different noises.

Talking about noises....
I surprised myself with some beyond-believe Zombie snarls, growls and hisses that came out of my mouth.

I did re-record some of MARY'S dialogue though too and I will be back tomorrow for another session.

I sure do love spending time in the recording booth!

Thanks for checking in ~ Charlie :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

ADR Work for Zombie Movie Project "1, 2, Z" scheduled for this week!

I am super excited and happy to announce that I will be back in the recording studio this week for an ADR session to get some zombie and fight noises for the awesome project 
"1, 2, Z" 
Can't wait!!


Happy Sunday everyone!