Sunday, August 19, 2012

DeVry Commercial shoot - August 2012

Hello all,
I am happy to announce that I had the opportunity to work on a DeVry commercial, which was filmed in Pasadena, CA.

I love commercial shoots, because they are usually quick! lol

It was great fun - but the heat that day was a true killer.

Everyone had a good time though, and I am looking forward to my next commercial job:)

Thanks for checking in and reading my blog.

"Child of the 70s" shoot wrapped

Hi all,
last month, I was invited to participate in the filming of producer Michael Vaccaro's new project "Child of the 70s", which was shot in a great theater in West Hollywood, CA.

Besides acting like we are in sub zero temperatures in NY, I also did some impromptu VO for the project as one of 'Charlie's Angels'... How fun is that?

I can't wait to see the finalized work, which will be a couple of months. Stay tuned for more info to come!

Here are some pictures from the set:
With producer Michael Vaccaro and director Gerry 

In my NY winter jacket on a hot day in LA:)

Sending everyone my best wishes and saying 'Thank You' for reading my blog!

Filming for thriller/horror movie "Live-In Fear" wrapped!

Another blog about another exciting project!
I am happy and proud to announce that filming to the outstanding horror/thriller/drama feature 'Live-In Fear' has officially been wrapped. The movie is now in post-production and is tentatively scheduled to be released on November 1, 2012.

I played the role of YOUNG MALLORY, and my scenes were filmed on a beautiful day in Malibu/ CA right on the Pacific Ocean in June 2012. Please notice that I got my hair dyed RED for the shoot and loved it! Back to my normal blonde by now, but one day I might just go back, because everyone loved it! Moving on....

I had also joined the production team of the movie last year as one of their Associate Producers. I have to admit that having an acting role in a movie that you also support in some other way, is just an amazing feeling.

I want to thank director Brandon Scullion and producer Maria Olsen for their faith in my capabilities as an actress and for giving me the opportunity to be part of an outstanding cast.

Stay tuned for more exciting infos to come once we get closer to the release date.

In the meantime, here are some reports to read and photos I'd like to share:

- Announcing my casting through Sandman Cinema publication in February 2012. Such a great write-up. It still makes me blush!:

Exclusive: Live-In- Fear (2012) Releases First Official Movie Stills : 

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Charlene Tilton Workshop - May 2012

Hello again!

I was so happy to get a spot in Charlene Tilton's workshop through wonderful CD David Zimmerman.

Charlene Tilton got early fame through her role of LUCY in the hit TV Show "Dallas", a TV show that ran from 1978 - 1991.
Her teaching is very hands-on, real and so is her feedback! lol.

I can only recommend her workshops and once a new one will be announced, I will so sign up for it. As I said, she has tremendous experience, a great sense for directing, enormous knowledge of the material out there ( be it theater, tv show, or film), and a real hands-on approach to get to the core of each scene.

But she has also the best sense of humor and loved the fact that "Charlene taught Charlene a few valuable lessons."

Dancing with CD David Zimmerman at the end of Charlene Tilton's workshop

At the end of the last session, her daughter Cherish (an accomplished singer) showed up for some entertainment and dancing. It was so sweet of Cherish to give me one of her CD's, which I much appreciate.

I hope you'll sign up for Charlene Tilton's workshops, because I know I will once she'll be back:) She is not only cool, but also has a great style of teaching and tremendous love for our profession.

Thanks for all your support and reading my blog, everyone!

3D Animated 'Brother' Screening and Cecil Awards 2012

Hello folks!
Have to share my excitement for the recognition of one of my projects.
On May 10th, 2012 the outstanding 3D animated project 'Brother' that I was fortunate enough to have worked on, was officially screened as part of the Digital Arts Night at the Folino Theater in Orange, CA.

It was a great honor and much fun to reunite with the cast and crew and to address the audience afterwards for a Q & A Session.

Exciting news reached me on 6/17/12, when I found out that director Chris Rickard had won a Cecil Award for "Brother" in the category Best Achievement in Visual Effects!

I am happy and proud and can't wait to hear more great news about this awesome project, once it hits the official film festival circuit.

Here are some screen shots. I got a pink robot, everyone! Isn't that awesome??

On stage with cast and crew at the screening on 5-10-12 with my fellow actor Chase Mouser

Thanks for stopping by and have a fantastic day!

Fun times with the Australian Rockband 'The Art'

Hello people!
More updates.... this time about my get-togethers with the awesome Aussie band 'The Art'.
They toured this year in the US, stopped by at one of my friend's birthday parties and played some venues in Los Angeles that I couldn't go to due to age restrictions:(..... Bummer!
But at my friend's house there were no such restrictions, and I had the best time with lead singer Azaria, kick-ass bass girl Kara Jayne, guitarist Jak and always-on-my-side drummer Jordan.

Please listen to their music, and I truly hope you like their style as much as I do.

Fun times in Malibu with lead singer Azaria:

The Australian band 'The Art' jamming in my friend's house in Malibu for his birthday! Yay!

Meeting up with Azaria and 'The Art' on Sunset Blvd. for a gig and before their photo shoot on Melrose Avenue on 3-31-12.

Can't wait for their return to the US, which will hopefully be soon!
Miss these terribly nice guys from down-under!


My work as a SAG BookPal as part of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation

Hello, dear all!
Some of you may know that I adopted a school here in the San Fernando Valley where I read to their first and second graders once a week.
It has been a wonderful experience for the kids and me and talking to teachers and principals from a different level at my age is quite an impressive feeling.
I am very happy that due to my Independent Study Program I am able to volunteer by time to these students and hopefully instill a love in them for books and reading.

Please check out the SAG Foundations BookPal website and pass it on to any SAG actor you might know. Schools all over the country are in need of readers, and this a fabulous way to give something really special to your community.

I can't wait to get started with the new 2012-2013 school year and I'll keep you posted on my life as a SAG BookPal.


On set of the TV show "The Office: Test the Store"

Hello all,
I couldn't talk about it earlier due to confidently clauses, but finally the episode of 'The Office', where I had to throw pine cones at Ed Helms, was aired on March 1, 2012. That's a good six months back, you might say.... Well, busy me now finally has the time to talk about all that and post some more info and pictures with it as well.
Here is a link to the episode, where I am as one of the mean girls makes character Alan's life miserable:

Shooting our outside scene was quite challenging due to the weather conditions. It rained cats and dogs that day and production had their assistants track the clouds by iPhones!

A 15-minute window we got from the weather was then used to finally shoot the scenes! It was fun and afterward we all met inside the studio for a nice lunch. I talked to Ed Helms a bit and I brought up us filming 'The Hangover' together. Ha - he totally loved it that we could catch up a bit and he asked me about my current projects etc over some Mexican food.

We had time to take a photo on set after I was wrapped and before Ed Helms had to join the crew for some more filming.

On the way out I ran into lovely Jenna Fischer, who also was happy to stop whatever she was doing in order to get our photo taken.

Awesome cast and crew and another great filming experience!
Thanks for stopping by and reading my blog, folks!

Your support is very much appreciated.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Los Angeles County Museum of Art exhibit! See my images at LACMA through 10/14/12!

Hi everyone!
Have been idle for a few months, but now I am back to fill you in on all the exciting news I would love to share with you since March 2012!
Thank you so much for keeping up with my work and all your support. It means a lot to me.

Since last March, I have been involved in so many wonderful projects, and I am so grateful for all the amazing opportunities that came my way.
This is the first of quite a few updates I will publish over the next couple of days. Thanks again for all your support and for reading my entertainment news!

So, let's get started, shall we?

In March and April 2012 I worked with renowned photographers Charlie White and Fredrik Nilsen on 2 consecutive photo shoots for Charlie White's current LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art) exhibition "The Sun and other Stars".
Show will run from July 22, 2012–October 14, 2012 and I truly hope you can check it out.
Please read the provided link for more information about this extraordinary exhibit.
With Charlie White at Fredrik Nilsen's studio

 At my first session, my head and face were measured in rather interesting ways before the puppeteer could get to work and model a life size model after me.

Then I had my hair adjusted to match the real-hair wig from 'my' puppet to look almost identical. It was fun and amusing day at the prep-session with Charlie White and our stylist.

See photo for results and judge for yourself. I liked the light trim and highlights ALOT and was very curious about my final photo session with Nils Fredrik at his studio.
I got highlights during our prep session for my LACMA photo shoot in April 2012

Proud to see my images being displayed at the world famous Los Angeles County Museum of Art (July 2012)

The exhibition is curated by Britt Salvesen, head of LACMA’s Wallis Annenberg Photography Department. The exhibition includes 24 photographs and a three-channel video by Katy Grannan; and approximately 50 photographs, varied ephemera, and a video animation by Charlie White.
It was a wonderful opportunity to see my images as part of this fabulous exhibition and I invite you to visit LACMA too!
Thanks for reading!
More updates on my recent projects to follow very soon.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

My Acting Newsletter February 2012

March 2012 already and I am a little behind with my news for February 2012.
Hope everyone is doing well and please know that I really do appreciate your support.
Having said all that, let's look at the highlights of February 2012.
One of them was definitely the private screening of the Oscar-nominated documentary 'Pina Bausch' at the Landmark Theater, with director Wim Wender in attendance for a super-informative and interesting Q & A session  afterwards.
I had the opportunity to talk to him  in German (!) and he was so happy to meet one of his youngest fans that evening who talked to him in his mother language!
With German director Wim Wenders

I was really happy to have the opportunity to attend a casting director workshop run by Sunny Boiling in February as well, which was a fun and great experience as well as a very educational one.

On February 19th, I was honored to attend the dedication of the Scott Wannberg Bookstore and Lounge at the leading literary/arts center on the West coast, Beyond Baroque. Unfortunately, Scott Wannberg passed way too early last year and it was a great honor to be present for this important event.
Exciting news about my upcoming project "Live-In Fear" came my way, when I found out about a very cool casting announcement the producers had published in the February 7th edition of Sandman Cinema, and which you can find now on my IMDb page too!
Check it out: .
Thank you Sandman Cinema for one of the best write-ups about me EVER!

I am very happy to report that my zombie project '1, 2, Z' officially made it into the final stages of post production and should be ready very soon to hit the film festival circuit.

My other project "Malice" made it successfully out of post-production right in time for the Comic Con, San Diego International Film Festival application time frame. Keeping my fingers crossed that this fun piece of entertainment will be accepted and shown at the Comic Con 2012 in San Diego!

Other great news I can  report  are that my pilot for 'Matchmakers' has been released and that my IMDb credit for the lead role of 'Kylie' is now on my profile. Woot! Woot!
Take a look:

The German acting adventure is going well too. Got great compliments about my showreels and resume! Bavaria Film Studios in Munich took me on and put me into their database so did another casting director who told me that I am 'remarkable'!  (Blush - her words, not mine!)
Here is my profile with demoreels and full resume from the most important German casting site if you are interested:

But that wasn't all. February brought another big adventure into my life: through the Screen Actors Guild Foundation I became officially one of the youngest BookPals ever and I volunteer now once a week at an elementary school here in LA to read aloud to four different first and second grade classes to bring the magic of books to life
After my first reading I got tons of letters from the students, promising me to read regularly and to cherish books and literature.
This has been one of the most rewarding experiences so far made possible only because I am a SAG actress, which allows me to participate in this programs.
Please find out more about this exciting and award-winning Children’s Literacy Initiative by the SAG Foundation by clicking on the provided link:

On a non-acting note..... I am now a proud member of the National Junior Honor Society due to my academic achievements. I also received a certificate that I made it onto the Dean's Honor Roll, which I am absolutely thrilled about. 7th grade has been a fantastic experience so far!

I feel also very lucky and blessed that not just my school work is going so well but that I can pursue my passion for acting. I am grateful that I got called in to great auditions and callbacks for some very awesome  projects this month, which resulted into a fabulous booking of a print/photo job with internationally known photographer Charlie White for his upcoming exhibition at the prestigious Los Angeles Museum of Art (LACMA).  
The first photo shoot will happen in March, the second one during the third week in April.
Can't wait to share more details once I am able to!

Now I am looking forward to a very exciting month of March, which will see the above-mentioned photo shoot among other upcoming fabulous adventures in my acting world.

Thanks for stopping by and have a very happy March 2012!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

My Acting Newsletter January 2012

Hi everyone!
Thanks for stopping by to read what exciting things the first month of the new year 2012 had in store for me.

The New Year started with a BANG when I found out that I made it on IMDb's list of the 2012 Upcoming Rising Child Stars :

Next, I finished filming the pilot 'Matchmakers', in which I played the lead role of KYLIE, a free-spirited middle-schooler, in the first half of January, which will hopefully be picked up by Comedy Central. Keeping my fingers crossed!
I was part of an awesome table read for a super-intriguing horror/thriller feature called SOLACE where I read one of the girl roles and part of the narration. Thanks, Maria Olsen (of Paranormal Activity 3) for setting this up so I could be part of it!

SAG, here I come! I was a must-join and joined the Screen Actors Guild on my birthday 1-20. I left their office here in Hollywood skipping all the way back to the car because I felt (and feel) that this is one major milestone in my career.:)

I finished filming my German demo reel, which was directed by German actor Thure Riefenstein, and co-written by his wife, German actress Patricia Lueger.
Ein dickes Dankeschoen auch an Paris, der meinen kleinen Bruder in meinem dt. Showreel spielte! These German reels are with English subtitles and will be up on my US casting sites as well.
They are already up in Europe!
Here is one of the international casting sites in German, which features also my British Accent reel, my piano and Irish Dance skill clips:
More good news for me from a continent away!
1. My great team just got bigger: The German talent agency Das Imperium, located in Berlin, took me on to represent me internationally. So excited!
2. And casting over at the Bavaria Film Studios, located in Munich, took me on as a client and I am on their roster now. Woot! Woot!
3. I got my plane ticket for Germany, where I will meet many interesting people from agencies and casting. Can't wait.
4. I got invited by my Berlin agency to attend client brunches and parties at the Berlinale (Berlin Film Festival), which will start next week but had to decline because I am going in March! Next year I'll be there for sure though!

Here in LA, I just signed the contract for filming the feature horror/thriller movie 'Live-In Fear', a project that I also joined as associate producer. My scenes as YOUNG MALLORY will be filmed at the latest next month here in LA.
Some non-acting news that are huge too: I got nominated by my teacher for the National Junior Honor Society. Woot! Woot! I am so proud and keep my fingers crossed that I'll be able to join.

January has been off to a very exciting start and I am looking forward to some more fun and exciting things in February.
Thanks for stopping by, folks.

Monday, January 16, 2012

MATCHMAKERS' Pilot filmed on location in Hollywood

Hi all,
my first filming experience of 2012 is a wrap!
MATCHMAKERS is a new webseries, filmed under a New Media SAG contract, which will hopefully be picked up by Comedy Central.
I play the rather free-spirited, sometimes naughty lead character of KYLIE who ends up in some awkward situations.

This is an awesome and fun project, directed by Aaron Matijasic and produced by Amy Main.
I will keep my fingers crossed that this pilot will get picked up. It would be a perfect fit for Comedy Central.

Proudest moment on the set:
Producer Amy Main announced that during the casting process for the role of Kylie they had no one else read   after I auditioned for it because they made their choice right there and then and didn't feel the need to see anybody else. Wow - that is quite a compliment:)

Most surprising moment on set:
Director Aaron Matijasic decided it was time for my first film kiss! No need to worry: it was a little kiss on the lips....and my mom was nearby to keep an eye on everything too:)

That's all.... And how was your week-end?

Thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"A.B.S." Screening on 1/3/12 in North Hollywood

I was honored to attend the private screening of Brighid Fleming's project "A.B.S." tonight at a theater in the heart of North Hollywood. 
Brighid is the writer/director of this SAG short film and she also played one of the roles.
Charlene with writer/director/actress Brighid  Fleming
I am very happy that so many people came out to support her because it is really quite an accomplishment to make a project of such high quality when you are just 12 years old!
Actress Maria Olsen and me
It was wonderful to see accomplished actress Maria Olsen, who plays Madam Vladimer in the movie. We took the opportunity and discussed our upcoming table read for the horror/psychothriller SOLACE, which will happen by the end of this month.
With actress Maria Olsen of Paranormal Activity 3 and actress/writer/director Brighid Fleming
P.S: The red-velvet cake was to die for!
Thanks for checking in....