Monday, January 16, 2012

MATCHMAKERS' Pilot filmed on location in Hollywood

Hi all,
my first filming experience of 2012 is a wrap!
MATCHMAKERS is a new webseries, filmed under a New Media SAG contract, which will hopefully be picked up by Comedy Central.
I play the rather free-spirited, sometimes naughty lead character of KYLIE who ends up in some awkward situations.

This is an awesome and fun project, directed by Aaron Matijasic and produced by Amy Main.
I will keep my fingers crossed that this pilot will get picked up. It would be a perfect fit for Comedy Central.

Proudest moment on the set:
Producer Amy Main announced that during the casting process for the role of Kylie they had no one else read   after I auditioned for it because they made their choice right there and then and didn't feel the need to see anybody else. Wow - that is quite a compliment:)

Most surprising moment on set:
Director Aaron Matijasic decided it was time for my first film kiss! No need to worry: it was a little kiss on the lips....and my mom was nearby to keep an eye on everything too:)

That's all.... And how was your week-end?

Thanks for stopping by!

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