Sunday, August 9, 2015

Acting News! Disney Radio Music Video Shoot!

Hello everybody!

Thank you so very much for stopping by and reading my blog.

I just came back from set, filming the new video 'SYB' (Shake you Booty) for the pop band, Forever In Your Mind.
Please check out the video after it has been released on 8/23/15.

On set with Director Nayip Ramos and the cast of Dinsey's 'Best Friends Whenever'
So, so excited that I was part of it and was able to show off my dance moves!
A tired but super happy Charlene after wrapping the shoot today

 More exciting news to come soon!

Have a great day ~ Cheers, Charlie

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  1. I just today realized that I know people who work with Charlene and so now I am trying to find out what she is doing now. It has been almost a year since anything was posted here.