Friday, April 5, 2013

I am back!

Fun times with Azaria from the Australian Rock-band THE ART
Hello all!

Finally, after being idle for a few months, I am back on the blog! But just because my blog has been idle, doesn't mean I have been too;)

Since my last entry, I have been working on the TV show, The Mindy Project, took some amazing acting classes with Bruce Davison (X-Men), went on a family trip to Germany, was invited to awesome auditions for major feature films, episodics for Disney and Nickelodeon, sent out some autographs (even one of my teachers asked for a signed headshot - lol!), went to meet THE ART (my favorite Australian rock band), met Barbara Bain at our BookPal celebration over at SAG, transformed into BATMAN for Halloween, celebrated my 14th birthday in style, and much, much more!
Meeting Barbara Bain at our SAG BookPal celebration

In Bueckeburg at a palace from the 14th century/ Germany
On set of The Mindy Project
At Fox Studios, shooting a commercial

Bruce Davison Workshop
I am .... BATMAN!
Getting spoiled! DREW project.

Right now, I am on the set for a great project named DREW, where I play one of the lead roles.
Between rehearsals and camera set ups, I have some time to finally update my blog - so, thanks for catching up with me!
A little side note: I love the fact, that production spoils me, and that last night I was able to watch the fireworks over Disneyland from my window from the gorgeous house they rented for us!

The early calltime wasn't such a favorite, but I am here to work too, I think. Hahaha.

Thank you everyone, for your continuous support and catching up with me.

Have a blessed day and talk to you later!


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