Saturday, April 27, 2013

Just finished filming 2 projects in April 2013!

Hello everyone!

Hope my little update finds you well!
I am excited to tell you about the two projects I worked on in the month of April.

The first one, DREW, was for the great up and coming director Samantha Schoenberg. It was kind of interesting how I landed the role. I got submitted for the role through breakdown services, and next thing I know, I'm getting a message from the mentioned director, telling me how excited she is to see my name! And how curious she is to see my taped audition!
Turns out, I worked with her on a project in 2011, named "1,2,Z", and she was so impressed by me then that - after watching my audition tape and talking to the producers - she called and offered me the role directly!
The RED camera was always right there!
Of course I was stoked and accepted the offer to play the role of Sydney! Loved the role, because after being all impatient to grow up, Sydney finds out through her hard partying friends that instead of desperately trying to be older, she should just embrace her age and enjoy it and everything that comes with it - including a certain innocence that gets lost once you're all grown up. I loved the character development and the challenge that comes with it to portray her in a realistic way.

My awesome room while filming DREW
As SYDNEY on set of DREW
I filmed for 4 days in Anaheim, close to Disneyland. Every night, after being off set, I was able to watch the fireworks over Disneyland from my room. That was an extra unexpected treat!

With my fellow actors and director Samantha Schoenberg (right next to me) after we wrapped!
Now the project is in post production, and I can't wait to see the final cut!
Thanks to the awesome cast & crew of DREW, I can add another great role to my resume.

Next on my schedule was the project PEPPER, produced and directed by British actor/director/producer Craig Robert Young.

No other than Neil Hopkins of 'LOST' fame (with whom I had worked in 2011 on the project Starf*ckers) recommended me to his friend and fellow actor, Craig Robert Young, who promptly offered me the role of the GRAND DAUGHTER after watching my demo reels and looking at my credits and resume. He told me that after watching my reels, he was very confident that I was more than qualified for the dramatic role and offered me the role without any hesitation!

It's a wrap! So tired but also so happy with director Craig Robert Young. 
We filmed for 2 days (all the way into the wee-hours) in the Hollywood Hills in Universal City, across the street from Universal Studios.
Director Craig Robert Young was delighted about my pink dress wardrobe put me in to play the dramatic role
of the also innocent Grand Daughter. He wanted pink! He got pink!
It was another fantastic filming experience, especially because this time I had to play a character that was supposed to be younger, just 12 years old! Loved it!

I have to thank Neil Hopkins, Craig Robert Young, and the entire cast & crew for another memorable movie making experience.

April was definitely a magical month in the filming department for me. Now I am all curious what the next months have in store for me.

Thank you for your continuous support and for reading my blog, everyone.


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