Wednesday, December 14, 2011

"1, 2, Z" Premier Screening at the Folino Theater on 12-14-11

Hi everyone!
I truly hope you had an amazing Wednesday evening just like I did.
I gathered with the cast and crew of our zombie flick '1, 2, Z' in Orange at the Marion Knott Studios in the Folino Theater to watch the highly anticipated final cut of everyone's work on the big screen for the first time.
Noah Swindle "JACK" and me "MARY"

Our film was the first one up in a group of short films selected  for screening that evening.
It is always kind of hard to be the opening act - you set the pace for the evening and if you can't meet expectations..... oh dear!

I admit, I had some butterflies in my stomach when I took my seat next to my fellow cast members but in the end it was all good.
Noah Swindle ("JACK"), Wyatt Griswold ("GEORGE") and me ("MARY")

Actually, better than good.....
The reaction from the audience (yes - it was a full house) was truly amazing....clapping, cheering. And when we stood up to get introduced to the audience it started all over again.
Wonderful experience when your work makes the entire movie theater cheer.

To make a long story short - I am so happy that our film was so well received.

Of course, I was also happy to see director Genna Ford again as well as Noah Swindle who played Jack and Wyatt Griswold who played George.
And very happy to autograph the covers of the "1, 2, Z" script for the director, producers and everyone else who is supposed to get one.
Thank you everyone for letting me be part of this awesome movie experience and I can't wait to see at what film festivals this jewel among zombie movies will play next.

Thanks for stopping by folks!
Over and out,

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