Thursday, December 8, 2011

Back to the recording studio for the Zombie flick "1, 2, Z"

This evening, I went back to the Marion Knott Studios to spent time with my fellow cast member Noah Swindle (JACK)  to re-record some more scenes for our soon-to-be-released movie "1, 2, Z".
First - Let's fill you in on what this exciting movie is all about. 

When the Zombies get in, can the kids get out? "1, 2, Z" is the story of three kids, Jack, Mary and George, as they try to survive the zombie apocalypse. It's the 1950's, and instead of Communism, zombies are the threat looming around the corner. The question now isn't when, but rather where will it happen next? People across the globe have done all they can to prepare, but unfortunately, zombies don't always appear at the most opportune time. Jack, Mary and George are busy enjoying recess when the zombies decide to stage their attack. When their teachers are bitten, and chaos reigns, they're left alone to fight their way through the school to the safety of waiting policemen.
Noah and I had the best time recording our dialog, chat and catch up as well as to discuss the upcoming screening of this production and potential film festival options for this awesome project with director Genna Ford.
Noah, Sound Director, Director Genna Ford, Me
Btw - in  case you wondered.... ADR stands for Automatic Dialog Replacement. Dialog that cannot be used from production tracks of a film or cartoon must be re-recorded in a process called LOOPING or ADR. You may know it as "dubbing."

Can't wait for the screening on the big screen!
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