Saturday, December 17, 2011

"MALICE" Screening at the Armer Theater on 12-16-11

I am happy to report that I had the opportunity to attend another fabulous screening of one of my recent projects tonight in Northridge at The Armer Theater.

Meet Alice, the Malice:)

Before the screening, we had time to catch up and take some photos. I had special guests with me tonight, which I gladly introduced to the director, producers, editor, composer and all the other important cast and crew members.
With my "GRANDPA" Paul Marshall and Producer Jackie Cole
With Director Reyna Calvillo
With Composer J Aaron Stanley

DP Stevie 
Sound/Editor Rayne Vasquez who got me a copy of "MALICE"already! YAY!

Thanks to Downie Streahl and Scott Foster Harris who came out tonight to support me! Love you guys!
With Singer Downie Streahl, Rock Musician Scott Foster Harris and my lovely friend Rownok

And of course I love my friend Rownok who was able to attend one of my movie premieres for the first time.

After a little delay, our fabulous cast & crew gathered with other film enthusiasts in the crowded movie theater (they had to bring chairs in to accommodate everyone!) and once our film was up, I was so relieved when the audience clapped and cheered in the end. Another well-done project well received.YAY!
So ready for the screening: with Writer Kelly Jensen and Director Reyna Calvillo

My little actress heart skipped a beat when producer Jackie Cole introduced me to the audience.
Thank you everyone of the MALICE project for making this a fantastic movie-making experience for me.

See you at the Comic-Con 2012;)

Charlie aka Alice the Malice

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