Sunday, August 19, 2012

Charlene Tilton Workshop - May 2012

Hello again!

I was so happy to get a spot in Charlene Tilton's workshop through wonderful CD David Zimmerman.

Charlene Tilton got early fame through her role of LUCY in the hit TV Show "Dallas", a TV show that ran from 1978 - 1991.
Her teaching is very hands-on, real and so is her feedback! lol.

I can only recommend her workshops and once a new one will be announced, I will so sign up for it. As I said, she has tremendous experience, a great sense for directing, enormous knowledge of the material out there ( be it theater, tv show, or film), and a real hands-on approach to get to the core of each scene.

But she has also the best sense of humor and loved the fact that "Charlene taught Charlene a few valuable lessons."

Dancing with CD David Zimmerman at the end of Charlene Tilton's workshop

At the end of the last session, her daughter Cherish (an accomplished singer) showed up for some entertainment and dancing. It was so sweet of Cherish to give me one of her CD's, which I much appreciate.

I hope you'll sign up for Charlene Tilton's workshops, because I know I will once she'll be back:) She is not only cool, but also has a great style of teaching and tremendous love for our profession.

Thanks for all your support and reading my blog, everyone!

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