Sunday, August 19, 2012

On set of the TV show "The Office: Test the Store"

Hello all,
I couldn't talk about it earlier due to confidently clauses, but finally the episode of 'The Office', where I had to throw pine cones at Ed Helms, was aired on March 1, 2012. That's a good six months back, you might say.... Well, busy me now finally has the time to talk about all that and post some more info and pictures with it as well.
Here is a link to the episode, where I am as one of the mean girls makes character Alan's life miserable:

Shooting our outside scene was quite challenging due to the weather conditions. It rained cats and dogs that day and production had their assistants track the clouds by iPhones!

A 15-minute window we got from the weather was then used to finally shoot the scenes! It was fun and afterward we all met inside the studio for a nice lunch. I talked to Ed Helms a bit and I brought up us filming 'The Hangover' together. Ha - he totally loved it that we could catch up a bit and he asked me about my current projects etc over some Mexican food.

We had time to take a photo on set after I was wrapped and before Ed Helms had to join the crew for some more filming.

On the way out I ran into lovely Jenna Fischer, who also was happy to stop whatever she was doing in order to get our photo taken.

Awesome cast and crew and another great filming experience!
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