Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fun times with the Australian Rockband 'The Art'

Hello people!
More updates.... this time about my get-togethers with the awesome Aussie band 'The Art'.
They toured this year in the US, stopped by at one of my friend's birthday parties and played some venues in Los Angeles that I couldn't go to due to age restrictions:(..... Bummer!
But at my friend's house there were no such restrictions, and I had the best time with lead singer Azaria, kick-ass bass girl Kara Jayne, guitarist Jak and always-on-my-side drummer Jordan.

Please listen to their music, and I truly hope you like their style as much as I do.

Fun times in Malibu with lead singer Azaria:

The Australian band 'The Art' jamming in my friend's house in Malibu for his birthday! Yay!

Meeting up with Azaria and 'The Art' on Sunset Blvd. for a gig and before their photo shoot on Melrose Avenue on 3-31-12.

Can't wait for their return to the US, which will hopefully be soon!
Miss these terribly nice guys from down-under!


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