Sunday, August 19, 2012

Filming for thriller/horror movie "Live-In Fear" wrapped!

Another blog about another exciting project!
I am happy and proud to announce that filming to the outstanding horror/thriller/drama feature 'Live-In Fear' has officially been wrapped. The movie is now in post-production and is tentatively scheduled to be released on November 1, 2012.

I played the role of YOUNG MALLORY, and my scenes were filmed on a beautiful day in Malibu/ CA right on the Pacific Ocean in June 2012. Please notice that I got my hair dyed RED for the shoot and loved it! Back to my normal blonde by now, but one day I might just go back, because everyone loved it! Moving on....

I had also joined the production team of the movie last year as one of their Associate Producers. I have to admit that having an acting role in a movie that you also support in some other way, is just an amazing feeling.

I want to thank director Brandon Scullion and producer Maria Olsen for their faith in my capabilities as an actress and for giving me the opportunity to be part of an outstanding cast.

Stay tuned for more exciting infos to come once we get closer to the release date.

In the meantime, here are some reports to read and photos I'd like to share:

- Announcing my casting through Sandman Cinema publication in February 2012. Such a great write-up. It still makes me blush!:

Exclusive: Live-In- Fear (2012) Releases First Official Movie Stills : 

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